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We are bringing the well established UK palletised freight distribution model to Thailand and Asia, and as such we have limited Investment opportunities to join us as operational investors or purely financial investors.

In the UK alone approximately 30 million pallets of freight with the average consignment size of 1.6 pallets was moved on the pallet networks in the UK alone last year.

With Thailands freight requirements and demographical statistics, we believe that Thailand can also build up to these levels. In fact over the next 3 years alone we will see massive growth in our service, helping SME’s to be able to reach further, to supply their goods faster and a lot cheeper, which currently is restrictive, due to supply model and cost.

We’re now in a position to start speaking to potential investors about their role in Thailo, Asia’s first palletised freight network.


  • Up to 45% shareholding available​
  • Intention of listing on SET within 5 years​
  • Planned expansion to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia​
  • Our IT software as a service (Saas) to be promoted globally for the Logistics industry​
  • Company Value set prelaunch at 1.8m USD
  • Investment used towards Fast-track expansion plan​
  • We plan to offer our IT system on licence to the wider global market software as a service (Saas), giving the company additional extensive revenue streams

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