Establishing a Robust Logistics Network

Thailo Team

The logistics industry in Asia is poised for significant growth, driven by increasing demands for efficient distribution systems and technology-driven solutions. At Thailo, we’re developing a pioneering palletised freight network based out of Bangkok, with strategic planning, a significant investment in technology, and industry collaboration to propel our logistics network to as many customers across Thailand and Asia as possible.  

Strategic Industry Collaborations  

The foundation of our network began with extensive groundwork. Our team engaged with multiple suppliers and logistics companies across Thailand, collecting vital industry data and insights from leaders in the sector. This approach gave us the much needed insight that ensured Thailo’s business model was finely tuned to meet the intricate needs of Asia’s growing logistics demands.  

Building the Network  

Confident in our research, we initiated the development of a Palletised Freight Network. The goal was not just to serve the local market but to expand across Asia, marking a significant step towards international growth. Thailo’s network is designed to support businesses in managing their distribution needs more efficiently using the popular hub and spoke model that we have become used to in the UK.  

Member Benefits and Thailo’s Shared Delivery Network  

At the core of Thailo’s offering is a comprehensive membership scheme. Members benefit from access to a ‘shared delivery network,’ enabling them to utilise national palletised distribution efficiently. This system is particularly advantageous as it ensures that services are accessible from depots close to the members, enhancing the speed and reliability of deliveries. This method also means a reduced carbon footprint and, overall, a much more cost-effective solution for customers.  

Technological Innovation: Thailo Connect  

When we first set out on our journey, we knew that there was no off-the-shelf technology that could meet the demands of our customers, so we decided to build our own. Investing over 1.3 million USD, Thailo developed an in-house, custom-built IT suite named ‘Thailo Connect.’ This technology is the backbone of our network, catering to the complex demands of today’s logistics operations. Thailo Connect was designed from the ground up to optimise and streamline all aspects of pallet network management.  

Setting the Standard in Logistics  

Thailo’s journey from conception to implementation demonstrates the importance of strategic planning, industry collaboration, and technological innovation in establishing a successful logistics network. As we continue to bring on new members, we remain committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers whilst setting new standards in the logistics industry.  

For businesses looking to venture into or expand their logistics networks, you can reach out to our team and see how you can take advantage of joining a shared delivery network.  

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